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Copywriting - Articles, Blog Posts, Social Media Posts — VMG


Words are the ultimate expression of the self. They can start battles or make peace. They can lead, trail or inspire you towards failure and success. In the digital world, having the right words is as precious as the subject they are describing. So we take our time to understand the subject and then we write, rewrite and rehearse the copy of your digital project.

We offer:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Website content
  • Newspaper articles
  • Magazine features
  • White papers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it necessary to write an article or material?

Writing a good article or material requires: (1) serious and detailed study of the topic; (2) broad understanding in the context of business or subject matter; (3) planning the structure of the text; (4) remove unnecessary information; (5) Writing in comprehensible language, if possible – for the widest possible audience; (6) introduction and conclusion; (7) quotes and relevant sources; (8) high verbal temperature; (9) a well-chosen style of expression; (10) good understanding of the target audience.

How long does it take to write a post?

Calculations are based on a fixed number of days vs. the number of text characters and symbols.

In what languages can your articles or texts be written?

Currently, we can offer texts in Bulgarian, English, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian and Arabic. For all other languages, we use the services of a certified translation agency.

How do you estimate pricing?

The price is very easy to determine – based on the number of characters used in the text.

What kind of copy do you offer?

Articles and authentic texts for blogs, sites, digital and promotional campaigns. Scientific materials and articles can only be offered in areas that are directly related to our business. However, do not hesitate to contact us if you need any kind of article pieces.

How does the communication work?

All communication related to copywriting is mandatory via email.

How many adjustments can we request?

Up to three adjustments of the proposed texts can be made.

What are your competitive advantages? Why should we trust you?

Years of experience in publishing; proven understanding of the digital market and the principles of modern writing; authentic and innovative ideas.

What are the contract terms?

Standard contracts are prepared with 50% down payment and 50% final payment after the final design. Of course, we issue invoices. If necessary, we sign NDAs (non-disclosure clauses). Vision Media Group reserves the right to use the author’s text only for promotional purposes and subject to explicit approval by the client.

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