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Event Management — Vision Media Group

Event Management

A personal approach for each client is obligatory. Our goal is to do our best to meet the requirements and budget, avoiding excess cost and waste of time. Our exceptional work is tightly related to proper communication and years of applied experience.

No matter the time, budget or location, you’ll be delighted by our:

  • Exquisite cocktails on the occasion of the company’s anniversary
  • Cheerful corporate Christmas parties
  • Entertaining promotions / introductions of a new product
  • Happy new office opening cocktails
  • Productive management meetings
  • Delightful corporate parties
  • Memorable weddings

Guest capacity: 20 to 1000 ppl.

Team building and corporate events

Private parties

New Year celebrations


Some of our clients:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed for the event organization?

The pre-requirements for the perfect realization of an event are: great location, sound, lighting, program and attentive planning, perfect logistics and coordination.

How long does it take?

Depending on the complexity of the event from 5 to 10 business days after the date and date.

Can you host or manage events outside of the European Union?

We have sufficient resources to provide an event with a comprehensive organization – both in terms of technical and human resources, across Europe. For any destination outside the European Union, we can provide professionals specialized in the field, logistic and organizational expertise. We also offer complete design solutions and conceptualization of the event itself.

How about the documentation?

We prepare a bilateral contract that protects our clients and our interests

We accept cash payments and we issue invoices (EU VAT incl.)

What is the pricing?

The four pillars of event management pricing are: complexity, quantity, location and time.

There is no extra cost for the initial consultation we’ll provide. Let’s create a great event together!

How is the communication processed?

We maintain personal communication with the customer and the most simplified, easy-to-learn information that comes to him. We inform the client about the course of events and require feedback, avoiding changes and complications.

What kind of advantages do you have over other event management companies?

  • Long experience and successful track record, working with industry leaders
  • Personal approach to each client
  • Scheduling deadlines (and sticking to them)
  • Uncompromising quality of service
  • Transparency in execution
  • Securing the so-called second (backup) options to ensure that if problems arise, the event will take place without compromising the customer’s quality or requirements. We don’t make mistakes.
  • A conjunction of services (planning, design, execution), leading to reduced cost and improved results

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