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Web & Software Development — Vision Media Group

Software Development

Software is magic. We still remember the thrill and the excitement of building our first software product. In its essence, software development is the art of rationalization. Today, there are as many software solutions as there are problems, but nothing can beat the custom solution and the personalized approach.

That’s why our software is defined by your vision. It’s robust, scalable and it can save you time and money. Below are the three areas where we already have our extended products and expertise, significantly reducing our tech debt. Yet, don’t hesitate to reach us for any type of magical solution that needs to be discovered together.

Delivery Service Logistics System

Production & Factory Management

Retail & Warehouse Management

Web & App Development

From small WordPress projects to large web enterprise solutions and financial platforms, we’ve worked on pretty much everything. Contact us to discuss your next web project, no matter the scale, budget and urgency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes the initial assignment / technical specification?

If the project is for a website up to 10-20 pages, we usually offer the technical terms for free by offering a sitemap and sample design with a home and home page design. There are WordPress projects that we build as a demo, even before we even sign the contract. If the project is a software product, depending on its complexity, writing the technical assignment costs between 5 and 50% of the total amount of the project.

The tech specification itself is written after extensive consultation and at least one meeting with you. Specifying the structure, the nature of the business, discussing the semantics, graphical layout, UI / UX of design and visual features that complement the technical parameters of the project are a must.

What is the process in building a compelling website?

In our practice, we prefer to split the site-building projects into two parts: (1) design and approval of the design by the client and (2) development in the form of a programming code. Processes include discussing the purpose, direction, objectives, content and technical specifications; Planning resources and phases, building site architecture – charts, menus, interface; Creating a concept of brand design – colors, typography, graphic templates; Creating visual design; Building a template in HTML / CSS, writing scripts and text; Adding content – texts, photos and addresses; Quality test – content, addresses, functionality, validity, access, speed, user experience, search engine optimization, security; Final settings and product launch.

What are the processes of creating a software product?

The creation of software products has roughly the same processes, apart from stage splitting, the use of methodologies (Agile, Scrum, Waterfall), iterations, programming languages, and logic.

What is your capacity for building software and web projects?

We prefer to work on projects on a smaller scale, requiring a team of up to 10 people.

Who am I going to work with on a personal note?

You’ll be working with a dedicated project manager. The person will have the required technical background to consult, not only from a business perspective, but also – to explain in a simple way the technical parameters of the project.

How much information should I send in advance?

The more information you send us about your business and the product we are going to use, the better quality end product we will build together.

How can I follow the development process?

You will receive client access with a username and password for our system. You will be able to follow every stage of the project development on a daily basis.

Do you apply any project management methodologies?

We mainly use Scrum. Project management is managed by PMBOK.

Do you use CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento?

Yes, though we prefer developing custom solutions, from scratch.

Do you use ready-made CMS themes?

Only if we think that the solution is low budget and this approach is more appropriate. In principle, the ready-made themes use libraries that do not conform to standards or the topics have unnecessary functionality that slows down the sites.

Can you help me with a site or project worked by another company?

With pleasure. Send us a link to the site, description and let’s discuss it.

Who has copyright over the end product?

Copyright and source code, as well as their carrier and cost, are subject to negotiation with Vision Media Group.

At what stages are the projects paid?

Advance payment (mandatory) – usually 30-50% of  total fee

Final payment – after delivery of the end product.

How about the legal documents?

Standard contracts are prepared with 50% down payment and 50% final payment after the final design. Of course, we issue invoices. If necessary, we sign NDAs (non-disclosure clauses). Vision Media Group reserves the right to use the author’s text only for promotional purposes and subject to explicit approval by the client.

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